About the side-effects database

IPM Impact is an independent research company, specialized in research on the implementation of selective plant protection compounds together with biological control in integrated pest management (IPM) strategies in horticultural crops.

We work close together with both the biological manufacturers and the chemical industry to determine the impact of old and new active ingredients on a very wide range of beneficial organisms. This results in the most comprehensive database on side-effects in the world which can be examined from this website.

In comparison with existing side-effect list, we offer the most up to date information on all old and new active ingredients. Furthermore, this database is not only restricted to insecticides, acaricides and fungicides, but will also deal now or in the future with herbicides, growth regulators, microbials, botanicals, and so on. It also differs significantly from other sources by providing relevant information on dose rates, formulations, temperatures, prey-predator ratio, host-parasitoid ratio, residual activity, and climatic differences for most modern or widely used compounds.

If you take a subscription, you will have free access to the side-effects database. On a regular base, at least once a month, new data will be added. Members will be informed by a digital newsletter , not only on information on the database, but also on everything that's going on in the world on IPM, e.g. EU regulations, symposia, new pests, new beneficial organisms, registration issues, the launch of new plant protection products, etc.